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by Brent Askari

JANUARY 19 - FEBRUARY 26, 2023
Northlight Theatre

CAST: Rob Lindley & Hamid Dehghani

PRODUCTION TEAM: BJ Jones (Director), Todd Rosenthal (Set Design), Izumi Inaba (Costume Design), Heather Gilbert (Light Design), Andrea Pluess (Co-Sound Design), Mike Tutaj (Projection Design), Rita Vreeland (Stage Manager), Jyreika Guest (Violence Coordinator), Forrest Gregor (Co-Sound Design & Natalia Castilla (Wig and Make-up Designer)

“Directed by Northlight Artistic Director BJ Jones, “Andy Warhol in Iran” transpires in a hotel room at the Royal Tehran Hilton but defies containment within those walls with a story that crosses continents and encompasses generations.”

Catey Sullivan

Chicago Sun Times

“Complex and compelling.”

Chris Jones

Chicago Tribune

“The actors are terrific. This intense production will leave audiences thinking about actual events from 45 years ago, as well as current events involving police conduct, protests and what constitutes art.”

Wendi Kromash

Evanston Roundtable

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