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The Tempest
by William Shakespeare

June 25 - Aug. 31, 2013
Utah Shakespeare Festival

CAST: Jeb Burris Adrian, Cate Cozzens, Alex Galick, Melissa Graves, Michael A. Harding , A. Bryan Humphrey, Corey Jones, Martin Kildare, Kaitlin Margaret Mills, Kipp Moorman , James Newcomb , Roderick Peeples, Melisa Pereyra , Zack Powell, Fredric Stone, Henry Woronicz

PRODUCTION TEAM: David Kay Mickelsen (Costumes), Robert Mark Morgan (Scenic Design), Joe Payne (Composer/Sound Design), Donna Ruzika (Lights), Terence Orleans Alexander (Stage Management)

"Much of the credit goes to director B.J. Jones, who emphasizes Prospero’s journey from revenge to forgiveness, while transporting audiences to an enchanted (and frequently enchanting) island realm."
- Las Vegas Review Journal

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