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The Pitmen Painters
by Lee Hall
inspired by a book by William Feaver

Sep 6, 2011 - Dec 4, 2011
Timeline Theatre

CAST: Jordan Brown, Andrew Carter, William Dick, James Houton, Steven Pringle, Loretta Rezos, Amanda Schaar, Dan Waller

PRODUCTION TEAM: Charles Cooper (Lighting), Jacqueline Firkins (Costume Design) Joshua Horvath (Sound), Timothy Mann (Timothy Mann), Mike Tutaj  (Video Projections), Ana Espinosa (Stage Manager)

"B.J. Jones’ earnest, moving and unpretentious production will, I suspect, be a very big hit"
- Chicago Tribune 

"Under BJ Jones’s calm, precise direction, the cast delightfully captures the Ashington group’s confusion and excitement as it ventures into the artistic world."
- Time Out Chicago

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